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Projets pour l'Enseignement et la Recherche au Laos
Rapport de la visite de courtoisie à Vientiane, du 24 juillet au 3 août 2008 - Blaise Bourrit, Yanick-M. Ebinger

Stakeholders meeting : Curriculum proposal

Vientiane, May 30, 2008

In collaboration with the Lao PDR Ministry of Health, the University of Health Sciences and the National Institute of Public Health

Objectives: Curriculum draft presentation

Location: Conference room of the University of Health Sciences, Vientiane , Laos

Chairman: Prof Dr Sing Menorath, Deputy Dean UHS

Participants: Representatives of:

  • Training and Human Resource MOPH
  • Public Health School
  • College of Health Technology
  • Mother and Child Health Hospital
  • University of Health Sciences
  • Mahosot Hospital
  • Ministry of Hygiene and Prevention

Aim: To present and discuss the draft of the curriculum on Reproductive Health and Sexual Health Research training course on the postgraduate level, in collaboration with several institutions’ Laotian partners and the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research of Switzerland.


  1. For the first Pilot Course, student will be recruited from teaching hospitals, central hospital, UHS, NIOPH, MCH Centre, College of Health Technology and other departments from MOH.
  2. Nominate Lao lecturers and teaching assistants for each module occording their expertise.
  3. All modules will be taught collaboratively by lecturers from Laos and Switzerland.
  4. Looking for small research fund for the participants to conduct research . One research project may consist of 3 - 4 students.
  5. Video conferences will be organized with the technical support of the french Campus Numérique (IFMT)
  6. Latest feed back from stakeholders about the content of the curriculum modules is expected in the next weeks.

Prof. Dr. Sing Menorath UMS Dr Souraxay Phrommala, Deputy Director NIOPH, Dr. Alongkhone Phengsavan UMS
Prof. Dr. Sing Menorath UMS, Dr Souraxay Phrommala, Deputy Director NIOPH, Dr. Alongkhone Phengsavan UMS

Vientiane, August 2008

Courtesy visit of the GFMER delegation

The Secretary of the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Dr. Blaise Bourrit and the  of the Collaboration Manager, Yanick-M.Ebinger met with aotian partners and Dr. Ornella Lincetto, WHO RHR Representative in Vientiane.

An interview with the Minister of Health of the Lao PDR, Dr. Ponmeck  Delaloy, highlighted the relevance of the GFMER's Cooperation  Programme in the context of health actions  to achieve Millennium objectives in Lao PDR.

Dr. Chanthavysouk, Dr. B.Bourrit, Health Minister Dr. Ponmek Delaloy, Y.-M.Ebinger
Dr. Chanthavysouk, Dr. B.Bourrit, Health Minister Dr. Ponmek Delaloy, Y.-M.Ebinger

Y.-M.Ebinger - Dr. Chanthavysouk Ebinger, Bourrit
Y.-M.Ebinger - Dr. Chanthavysouk, Vientiane Coordinator - Dr. B.Bourrit, GFMER Secretary

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  • Commune de Versoix