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8th Postgraduate Course for Training in Reproductive Medicine and Reproductive Biology

How to Get an Internet Connection
and Join the Matweb Reproductive Health Network

S. Hadijono

  1. Hardware needed:
    1. A personal home computer or notebook computer with at least an 486 processor and 8 MB internal memory (a higher model processor and more memory will serve better)
    2. A modem or PMCIA Card (for notebook computer) at least work at 11.4 Kbps
    3. A Window 95 (at least) software
    4. An Internet connection software (Internet Explore or Netscape) which you can download for free from the Microsoft homepage
    5. A phone line
  2. Get an internet connection through your country Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  3. You will get a user ID and an e-mail address which is usually contains <user ID>@<internet service provider>for example: srobgyn@indosat.net.id or johns@pacific.net.sg
  4. Send an e-mail stating your new e-mail address to srobgyn@indosat.net.id
  5. Your message will be circulated through all Matweb RH Network users
  6. And you will get also a continuous message through your e-mail system which is served by the Matweb Health Reproductive Network

NB. An "easy to fill" form will be provided for joining the network in the near future at the Matweb Homepage