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Course report - Questions and answers - Internet meeting 5.14.2004 - 5.19.2004 - Images from Shanghai

Postgraduate Research Training in Reproductive Health

Fudan University, Shanghai

organised by

The Fudan University, Shanghai
The Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER)
The UNDP/UNFPA/WHO/World Bank Special Programme for Research in Human Reproduction, Department of Reproductive Health and Research, Family and Community Health Cluster World Health Organization (WHO/RHR)
The International Association of Maternal and Neonatal Health (IAMANEH)

in collaboration with

The Department of Health of the Canton of Geneva
The Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University and
The Geneva Medical Association

Tutor Training workshop Summary

Time: December 26, 2003

Place: Internet center Fudan University

Participants: Prof. Chen Jie, Prof. Qian Xu, Dr. Xia Zhiyuan, Dr.Ying Xianghua, Dr. Liang Ji, Dr. Zhu Wei, Dr. Fu Chaowei, Dr. Wang Tao, Prof. Xue Di, Prof. Cheng Weiwei, Prof. Huang Zirong, Dr. Lu Xin, Dr. Liu Suying, Dr. Fu Dongbo, Dr. Chen Xiaojun



  1. Introduction of the training course.(Prof. Chen Jie)
  2. Course file introduction.(Prof. Qian Xu)
  3. Tutor task introduction: to be responsible for each module; give lectures; translate and prepare course file; tutor the students and supervise review writing; provide questions for final exam; information feedback.(Dr. Chen Xiaojun)
  4. Introduction of evidence based medicine.(Prof. Qian Xu)
  5. Introducing and visiting internet center, resource of the internet center (Dr. Xia Zhiyuan)
  6. How to give the lectures: lecture introduction and demonstration (research methodology) (Dr. Fu Dongbo)
  7. How to give the lectures: lecture introduction and demonstration (health reproduction), how to write a systemic review and student’s systemic review presentation ( Dr. Chen Xiaojun).
  8. Group discussion
  9. Significant achievement in this workshop:
    1. All the topics for translation were assigned to the tutors and the translated material should be handed in before February 29, 2004.
    2. Final exam: the written exam will be carried out soon after 2-week classroom study. A systemic review will be handed in after 3-week of internet study. The students are encouraged to write the review in English and give an oral presentation.
    3. Course Advertisement will be published in Chinese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Chinese Journal of Maternal and Children Health. The candidates should have a master degree in reproductive health, be fluent in English and be skillful in using computer. 500 CYN tuition fee is required for each student. CV is needed for application and all the CV will be reviewed and selected by scientific committee.
    4. The course will start on May 8, 2004.