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Course of Research Methodology in Reproductive Health - Târgu-Mureş 2004

Scientific reviews  prepared by the participants

organised by

The East European Institute for Reproductive Health
The Targu-Mures University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Department of Epidemiology
The Targu-Mures Center of Public Health
The Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER)
The UNDP/UNFPA/WHO/World Bank Special Programme for Research in Human Reproduction, Department of Reproductive Health and Research, Family and Community Health Cluster, World Health Organization (WHO/RHR)
The International Association of Maternal and Neonatal Health (IAMANEH)

in collaboration with

The Department of Health of the Canton of Geneva
The Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University and
The Geneva Medical Association

No Participant Title
1. Anca Bacârea, MD High dose vitamin C and the plasmatic determination of cholesterol and triglycerids
2. Crenguţa Belegan, MD Is the plasmide mechanism resistance to antibiotics induced by the resistance to antiseptics and disinfectants?
3. Paula Cipleu, MD What is the global geographical distribution of the types of extended spectrum betalactamazes produced by E. Coli?
4 Ana-Maria Farr, MD Can conservants and colorants determine allergic reactions in children?
5. Julia Edit Fekete, MD Are instep traumatisms predictors for instep ulcers?
6. Hajnal Finta, MD Advantages of the DRG system for hospitals
7. Marta Andrea Fodor, MD HAART and immunological response
8. Gabriela Gaftonie, MD Smoking and its relation to birthweight
9. Klara Jeszenszky, MD Do infections with Epstein-Barr virus contribute to the etiology of lupus eritema?
10. Tunde Kovacs, MD Triple test: its acurracy to detect chromosomal abnormalities
11. Antonia Neamţu, MD First trimester nuchal oedema and chromosomal abormalities
12. Claudia Nistor, MD Meningococcal vaccines: advantages and disadvantages
13. Antonia Orban, MD What is the time period needed for the appearance of cadmiuuria in chronic cadmium exposure?
14. Dana Mihaela Samu, MD Post-abortion family planning couseling and use of contraceptive methods 12 months after
15. Daniela Edith Selyem, MD The effectiveness of vaginal versus oral misoprostol for first trimester abortion
16. Surcel Mihai, MD Metformin for the treatment of infertility inpatients with policystic ovary syndrome
17. Edith Szekely, MD Mupirocin nasal ointments for the prevention of suprainfected plague with multiresistent staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
18. Felicia Toma, MD Does the antibiotic treatment in the last 12-month increase the rate of carrying for penicillin resisting pneumococcus in children under 7 years?
19. Adrian-Florian Vesea, MD Does provision of modern contraceptive methods through the factory doctor decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies and the number of abortions in women factory employees?
20. Istvan Zsigmond, MD The role of  progesterone and progestatives on the number of progesterone receptors in uterine fibroma