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AboutOpen DOAJ English
Academic Journal of Health Sciences ICI Spanish / English
Academic Medicine & Surgery ISSN English
Acta Biomedica PubMed English
Acta Clinica Croatica PubMed English
Acta Facultatis Medicae Naissensis ICI English
Acta Marisiensis - Seria Medica DOAJ English
Acta Medica (Hradec Králové) PubMed English
Acta Medica Academica PubMed English
Acta Medica Balkanica ICI English
Acta Medica Bulgarica DOAJ English
Acta Medica Croatica ICI English / Croatian
Acta Medica Leopoliensia DOAJ English / Ukrainian
Acta Medica Lituanica PubMed English / Lithuanian
Acta Medica Martiniana DOAJ English
Acta Medica Medianae DOAJ English
Acta Medica Mediterranea ICI English
Acta Medica Saliniana ICI English
Acta Medico-Biotechnica ISSN English / Slovenian
Acta Médica Portuguesa PubMed Portuguese / English
Actual problems of modern medicine DOAJ English / Ukrainian
Actual Problems of the Modern Medicine: Bulletin of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy ICI English / Ukrainian
Actualidad Médica ISSN Spanish
Advanced Biomedical Research PubMed English
Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine PubMed English
Advances in Clinical Medical Research and Healthcare Delivery ISSN English
Advances in Medicine PubMed English
Advances in Medicine, Psychology, and Public Health ISSN English
AIMS Medical Science DOAJ English
Albanian Journal of Medical and Health Sciences ICI English
Allied Health Scholar ISSN English
American Journal of Translational Research PubMed English
Anales RANM ISSN Spanish / English
Annales Academiae Medicae Silesiensis DOAJ English / Polish
Annals of Medicine PubMed English
Annals of Medicine and Surgery PubMed English
Annals of Translational Medicine PubMed English
Annual Review of Medicine PubMed English
Archiv EuroMedica ICI English
Archive of Clinical Medicine ICI English
Archives of Hellenic Medicine ICI English / Greek
Archives of Medical Science PubMed English
Archives of Medical Science - Civilization Diseases ICI English
Archives of the Balkan Medical Union DOAJ English
Ars Clinica Academica ISSN Spanish
ARS Medica Tomitana ICI English
Ars Medici ISSN German
Arta Medica DOAJ English / Romanian
Athens Journal of Health & Medical Sciences DOAJ English
Atti della Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti - Classe di Scienze Medico-Biologiche DOAJ English
Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin ISSN English
Avicenna Bulletin DOAJ English / Russian
Azerbaijan Medical Journal ICI English
Bayerisches Ärzteblatt ISSN German
Biology of Sex Differences PubMed English
BioMed DOAJ English
Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Research ICI Portuguese / English
Biomedical Papers PubMed English
Biomedical Research PubMed English
Biomedical Reviews ICI English
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy PubMed English
Biomedicine Hub PubMed English
Biomedicinska istraživanja DOAJ English / Bosnian
Biomolecules and Biomedicine PubMed English
BMC Medicine PubMed English
BMC Proceedings PubMed English
BMC Research Notes PubMed English
BMJ Medicine PubMed English
BMJ Open PubMed English
Bratislava Medical Journal PubMed English
British Columbia Medical Journal ICI English
Bulletin of Medical and Biological Research DOAJ English / Ukrainian
Bulletin of Medical Sciences ICI English
Bulletin of Problems in Biology and Medicine DOAJ English / Ukrainian
Bulletin of RSMU DOAJ English / Russian
Bulletin of Siberian Medicine DOAJ English / Russian
Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Medical Sciences DOAJ English / Romanian
Cadernos de Saúde DOAJ Portuguese / English
Cambridge Prisms: Precision Medicine PubMed English
Caucasian Medical Journal ISSN English
Central Asian Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ethics DOAJ English
Chest Disease Reports ICI English
Chronic Diseases ICI English
Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine PubMed English
Clinical and Investigative Medicine PubMed English
Clinical and Translational Discovery DOAJ English
Clinical and Translational Medicine PubMed English
Clinical Management Issues DOAJ English / Italian
Clinical Medicine PubMed English
Clinical Medicine & Research PubMed English
Clinics and Practice PubMed English
CMAJ PubMed English
CMAJ Open PubMed English
Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies PubMed English
Communications Medicine PubMed English
Complications ISSN English
Consultant ICI English
Cooper Rowan Medical Journal DOAJ English
Croatian Journal of Health Sciences ISSN English / Croatian
Croatian Medical Journal PubMed English
Cureus PubMed English
Current Health Sciences Journal DOAJ English
Dalhousie Medical Journal ISSN English
Danish Medical Journal PubMed English
Deutsches Ärzteblatt DOAJ German
Deutsches Ärzteblatt International PubMed English
Developments in Health Sciences DOAJ English
Diagnostic and Prognostic Research PubMed English
Diagnostics PubMed English
Discoveries PubMed English
Diseases PubMed English
Eastern Ukrainian Medical Journal DOAJ English / Ukrainian
eBioMedicine PubMed English
eClinicalMedicine PubMed English
Electronic Journal of General Medicine ICI English
EMJ DOAJ English
EMJ Innovations DOAJ English
EUREKA: Health Sciences ICI English
EuroMediterranean Biomedical Journal DOAJ English
European Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine DOAJ English
European Journal of Health Research DOAJ Spanish / English
European Journal of Medical Research PubMed English
European Journal of Natural Sciences and Medicine ISSN English
European Journal of Translational and Clinical Medicine DOAJ English
European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences PubMed English
EXCLI Journal PubMed English
Experimental and Applied Biomedical Research ICI English
Experimental and Clinical Medicine Georgia ISSN English / Georgian
Experimental Results DOAJ English
Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine PubMed English
Exploration of Medicine DOAJ English
Extreme Medicine ISSN English / Russian
F1000Research PubMed English
Facta Universitatis, Series: Medicine and Biology ISSN English
Faculty Reviews PubMed English
Federal Practitioner PubMed English
Folia Medica PubMed English
Folia Medica Cracoviensia PubMed English
Frigid Zone Medicine DOAJ English
Frontiers in Medicine PubMed English
Future Healthcare Journal PubMed English
Future Rare Diseases ISSN English
Future Science OA PubMed English
Galenika Medical Journal ISSN English / Serbian
Galicia Clínica DOAJ Spanish / English
Galician Medical Journal DOAJ English
Gazeta Médica DOAJ Portuguese / English
Georgian Biomedical News ISSN English
Georgian Medical News PubMed English
German Medical Journal ISSN English
GMS German Medical Science PubMed English
Graduate Medical Education Research Journal ISSN English
Hamburger Ärzteblatt ISSN German
HCA Healthcare Journal of Medicine PubMed English
Health & Caring ISSN English / Czech
Health Open Research PubMed English
Health Problems of Civilization DOAJ English
Health Science Inquiry ISSN English
Health Science Reports PubMed English
Health Sciences Review DOAJ English
healthbook TIMES Das Schweizer Ärztejournal Journal des Médecins Suisses DOAJ English / German
Healthcare PubMed English
HealthMED ICI English
Hessisches Ärzteblatt ISSN German
Hippokratia PubMed English
HRB Open Research PubMed English
Human & Veterinary Medicine ICI English
Iberoamerican Journal of Medicine DOAJ English
In Vivo PubMed English
Insight: Indiana University Medical Student Research Journal ISSN English
Interactive Journal of Medical Research PubMed English
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Medicine DOAJ English
International Journal of Academic Medicine ICI English
International Journal of Biomedicine DOAJ English
International Journal of Caring Sciences DOAJ English
International Journal of Chronic Diseases PubMed English
International Journal of Clinical Practice PubMed English
International Journal of General Medicine PubMed English
International Journal of Medical Device and Adjuvant Treatments DOAJ English
International Journal of Medical Sciences PubMed English
International Journal of Medical Students DOAJ English
International Journal of Medicine and Medical Research DOAJ English
International Journal of Noncommunicable Diseases DOAJ English
International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being PubMed English
International Undergraduate Journal of Health Sciences ISSN English
Irish Medical Journal ICI English
Italian Journal of Medicine DOAJ English
Italian Journal of Prevention, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medicine DOAJ Italian
JAMA Network Open PubMed English
JCSM Communications ISSN English
JIM - Jornal de Investigação Médica DOAJ Portuguese / English
JMIRx Med PubMed English
Journal of Applied Biomedicine PubMed English
Journal of Applied Health Sciences ISSN English / Croatian
Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents ICI English
Journal of Biomedical and Clinical Research ISSN English
Journal of Biomedical Practitioners DOAJ English / Italian
Journal of Brown Hospital Medicine DOAJ English
Journal of Clinical and Translational Research PubMed English
Journal of Clinical and Translational Science PubMed English
Journal of Clinical Medicine PubMed English
Journal of Clinical Medicine Research PubMed English
Journal of Clinical Physiology and Pathology ISSN English
Journal of Education, Health and Sport DOAJ English / Polish
Journal of Health Sciences DOAJ English
Journal of Health Study and Medicine ICI English
Journal of IMAB DOAJ English
Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine DOAJ English
Journal of International Medical Research PubMed English
Journal of Medical Science DOAJ English
Journal of Medicine and Life PubMed English
Journal of Medicine, Surgery, and Public Health ISSN English
Journal of Mind and Medical Sciences DOAJ English
Journal of Molecular and Clinical Medicine ISSN English
Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare PubMed English
Journal of Multimorbidity and Comorbidity PubMed English
Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews PubMed English
Journal of Personalized Medicine PubMed English
Journal of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research DOAJ English
Journal of Translational Medicine PubMed English
Journal of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Series "Medicine" DOAJ English
JRSM Open PubMed English
Kansas Journal of Medicine PubMed English
Kuban Scientific Medical Bulletin DOAJ English / Russian
La Clinica Terapeutica PubMed English
La Rivista Italiana delle Malattie Rare ISSN Italian
Lahey Journal ISSN English
Le Médecin du Québec ISSN French
Lijecnicki vjesnik DOAJ English / Croatian
Lviv Clinical Bulletin DOAJ English / Ukrainian
Lymphatics ISSN English
Lymphology PubMed English
Maladies chroniques ISSN French
Malta Medical Journal ICI English
Marshall Journal of Medicine DOAJ English
Materia Socio-Medica PubMed English
Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Innovations, Quality & Outcomes PubMed English
McMaster University Medical Journal ISSN English
MedComm PubMed English
Medica Jadertina ICI English / Croatian
Medical and Ecological Problems DOAJ English / Ukrainian
Medical Archives PubMed English
Medical Herald of the South of Russia DOAJ English / Russian
Medical Journal of Cell Biology ICI English
Medical Research Journal ICI English
Medical Science and Discovery ICI English
Medical Science Monitor PubMed English
Medical Science Monitor Basic Research PubMed English
Medical Science Pulse ICI English
Medical Sciences PubMed English
Medical Sciences Forum DOAJ English
Medical Studies ICI English
Medical-Surgical Journal ICI English
Medicina PubMed English
Medicina Clínica Práctica DOAJ Spanish / English
Medicina Fluminensis ICI English / Croatian
Medicine PubMed English
Medicine and Pharmacy Reports PubMed English
Medicine International PubMed English
Medicines PubMed English
Medicinska istraživanja ISSN English / Serbian
Medicinska rec / Medical Word ISSN English / Serbian
Medicinski glasnik DOAJ English / Serbian
Medicinski Glasnik (Zenica) PubMed English
Medicinski podmladak DOAJ English / Serbian
Medicni perspektivi DOAJ English / Ukrainian
Medicus DOAJ English
Meducator ISSN English
Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu DOAJ English / Polish
Minnesota Medicine ICI English
Missouri Medicine PubMed English
Modern Medicine DOAJ English
Modern Medicine, Pharmacy and Psychological Health ICI English / Ukrainian
Modern Technologies in Medicine PubMed English / Russian
Moldovan Medical Journal DOAJ English
Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease PubMed English
Mædica PubMed English
New York Medical Journal ISSN English
New Zealand Medical Student Journal DOAJ English
Novelty in Clinical Medicine DOAJ English
Ochsner Journal PubMed English
Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences ICI English
Open Medicine PubMed English
Opšta medicina DOAJ English / Serbian
Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases PubMed English
OSMA Journal ISSN English
Panace@ ICI Spanish
Permanente Journal PubMed English
Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy PubMed English
PLoS Medicine PubMed English
Polish Annals of Medicine ICI English
Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences ICI English
Porto Biomedical Journal PubMed English
Postepy Higieny i Medycyny Doswiadczalnej (Advances in Hygiene and Experimental Medicine) ICI English
Pragmatic and Observational Research PubMed English
Prague Medical Report PubMed English
Precision Clinical Medicine PubMed English
Prilozi PubMed English
Primary and Hospital Care DOAJ German / French
Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine ICI English / Ukrainian
Proceedings of Research and Practice in Allied and Environmental Health ISSN Portuguese / English
Proceedings of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. Medical Sciences DOAJ English / Ukrainian
Progress in Health Sciences ICI English
Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal PubMed English
Rad CASA - Medical Sciences ISSN English
Rare DOAJ English
ReAd files ISSN Italian
Reports DOAJ English
Review of Medical Practice ICI English / Polish
Revista de Investigación y Educación en Ciencias de la Salud ISSN Spanish
Revista de Investigação & Inovação em Saúde DOAJ Portuguese
Revista Electronica de PortalesMedicos.com ISSN Spanish
RevSALUS DOAJ Portuguese / English
Rheinisches Ärzteblatt ISSN German
Rhode Island Medical Journal ICI English
Rivista SIMG ISSN English / Italian
Romanian Journal of Medical Practice DOAJ English
Romanian Medical Journal DOAJ English / Romanian
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Student Medical Journal ISSN English
RUDN Journal of Medicine DOAJ English / Russian
Russian Open Medical Journal DOAJ English
Saarländisches Ärzteblatt ISSN German
SAGE Open DOAJ English
SAGE Open Medicine PubMed English
Sanamed DOAJ English / Serbian
Saratov Medical Journal DOAJ English
Saúde & Tecnologia DOAJ Portuguese / English
ScienceRise: Medical Science ICI English / Ukrainian
SciMedicine Journal DOAJ English
Scripta Medica DOAJ English
Scripta Scientifica Medica ICI English
Senses and Sciences DOAJ English
Serbian Archives of Medicine DOAJ English
Slovenian Medical Journal DOAJ English / Slovenian
Southeastern European Medical Journal DOAJ English
Spartan Medical Research Journal PubMed English
Srpski medicinski casopis Lekarske komore / Serbian Journal of the Medical Chamber ISSN English / Serbian
SSP Modern Pharmacy and Medicine ICI English
Swiss Medical Forum DOAJ German / French
Swiss Medical Weekly PubMed English
Technology transfer: innovative solutions in medicine ICI English
Therapeutic Advances in Rare Disease PubMed English
Timisoara Medical Journal DOAJ English
Timocki medicinski glasnik ICI English / Serbian
Transactions of the American Clinical and Climatological Association PubMed English
Translation: The University of Toledo Journal of Medical Sciences DOAJ English
Translational and Clinical Medicine - Georgian Medical Journal ISSN English
Translational Medicine @ UniSa ICI English
Translational Medicine Communications DOAJ English
Translational Medicine Reports ISSN English
UBC Medical Journal ISSN English
Ukrainian Journal of Medicine, Biology and Sport ICI English / Ukrainian
Ulster Medical Journal PubMed English
University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine / Journal médical de l'Université d'Ottawa DOAJ English / French
University of Toronto Medical Journal ICI English
Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences PubMed English
Wellcome Open Research PubMed English
West Kazakhstan Medical Journal DOAJ English
West Texas Journal of Medicine ISSN English
WikiJournal of Medicine DOAJ English
WMJ PubMed English
World Academy of Sciences Journal ISSN English
World Journal of Experimental Medicine PubMed English
World Journal of Methodology PubMed English
Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine PubMed English
Zaporozhye Medical Journal DOAJ English / Ukrainian