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Journal Indexing Language
Ageing and Longevity ISSN English
Aging PubMed English
Aging and Disease PubMed English
Aging and Health Research DOAJ English
Aging Brain PubMed English
Aging Cell PubMed English
Aging Male PubMed English
Aging Medicine PubMed English
Aging Medicine and Healthcare DOAJ English
Anales en Gerontología DOAJ Spanish
Annals of Geriatric Medicine and Research PubMed English
Anthropology & Aging DOAJ English
Archives of Medical Science - Aging ICI English
Asian Journal of Gerontology & Geriatrics ICI English
BMC Geriatrics PubMed English
Canadian Geriatrics Journal PubMed English
Clinical Interventions in Aging PubMed English
Cogent Gerontology Sherpa English
Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research PubMed English
Egyptian Journal of Geriatrics and Gerontology DOAJ English
Elderly Health Journal DOAJ English
European Journal of Geriatrics and Gerontology ICI English
European Review of Aging and Physical Activity PubMed English
Experimental Gerontology PubMed English
Frontiers in Aging PubMed English
Geriatric Care DOAJ English
Geriatrics PubMed English
Geriatrics, Gerontology and Aging DOAJ Portuguese / English
Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine PubMed English
Immunity & Ageing PubMed English
Indian Journal of Gerontology NLM English
Innovation in Aging PubMed English
International Journal of Ageing and Later Life DOAJ English
International Journal of Gerontology DOAJ English
JAR life PubMed English
JMIR Aging PubMed English
Journal of Ageing and Longevity DOAJ English
Journal of Aging and Innovation DOAJ Portuguese / English
Journal of Aging and Long-Term Care ICI English
Journal of Aging Research PubMed English
Journal of Geriatric Emergency Medicine DOAJ English
Journal of Gerontology and Geriatrics ICI English
Journal of Latin American Geriatric Medicine DOAJ English
Journal of the Indian Academy of Geriatrics DOAJ English
Lancet Healthy Longevity PubMed English
NILES Journal for Geriatric and Gerontology DOAJ English
npj Aging PubMed English
PAJAR - Pan American Journal of Aging Research DOAJ English
Research on Ageing and Social Policy DOAJ Spanish / English
Revista Brasileira de Geriatria e Gerontologia DOAJ Portuguese / English
Salmand: Iranian Journal of Ageing DOAJ English / Persian
Translational Medicine of Aging DOAJ English
Turkish Journal of Geriatrics NLM English / Turkish