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Global Voices for Maternal Health


Global Voices Survey for Maternal Health

University of Oxford/GFMER Partnership Initiative


Global Voices for Maternal Health is a new online project from the University of Oxford that seeks to gather a unique quantitative and qualitative dataset about maternal healthcare services via an online survey and discussion forum.

The aim of this project is to give new weight and force to the views of people who are actually delivering medical care, and provide them with a stronger voice to determine where the global community's future efforts should be focused.

GFMER is partner with Global Voices for Maternal Health in providing technical assistance in this initiative, which consists of collecting and analyzing data coming from the respondents involved in the provision of maternal health care (doctors, midwives, nurses, etc.).

An online survey has been created for this purpose in-order to collect data and information about maternal health care services provided in developing countries, which will help to identify barriers preventing the implementation of safe, effective and affordable treatments and care in various settings.

The first part of the survey (http://globalvoices.org.uk/) contains questions about the participant, the facility in which they work and the antenatal care services available. Respondents are then randomly allocated to one of 5 surveys on the management of common obstetric complications in their facility: postpartum hemorrhage, sepsis, unsafe abortion, obstructed labor and pre-eclampsia/eclampsia. These sections contain questions about specific medical interventions, their frequency of use and the barriers that prevent their routine implementation. At the end of the section, participants have the opportunity to put forward solutions to the problems identified.

We are asking all course participants to complete the survey themselves and to promote it widely amongst healthcare providers in their local facilities. Please approach at least 15 health professionals of your local health facilities and ask them to take part in this important maternal health effort.

Please click on the following link to access the survey questionnaire: http://globalvoices.org.uk/

In-order to monitor your participation, as well as those contacted by you to participate in the survey, please enter ‘/GFMER’ after the answer to question 3: 'What is the name of your facility?' e.g. ‘Ibadan Hospital/GFMER’. We will then send these results to individual students so that you can use the results that you generate in your research projects.

As a reward for taking part all participants will get:

  • A certificate of participation from the University of Oxford and the opportunity to have your name included in the list of contributors accompanying future publications.
  • An instant summary of the most up-to-date results of the surveys you've taken.
  • Access to an online resources page.
  • The opportunity to take part in the search for solutions, and discuss the problems you face with other healthcare providers and leading international experts in the Forum.
  • And winning ideas in the discussion forum will receive cash prizes of between $50 and $100!