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Sexual and reproductive health - National guidelines, documents - Rwanda map

Rwanda - Sexual and reproductive health - Guidelines, documents

David Ntirushwa

Topic Developer Document/resource
Adolescent health Population Council The Adolescent Experience In-Depth: Using Data to Identify and Reach the Most Vulnerable Young People: Rwanda 2005 [2009]
Cervical cancer: vaccine WHO WHO/ICO Information Centre on HPV and Cervical Cancer (HPV Information Centre). Human Papillomavirus and Related Cancers in Rwanda. Summary Report 2010
Family planning, contraception Ministry of Health National Family Planning Policy and its Five-Year Strategies (2006-2010) [2006]
Family planning, contraception National University of Rwanda, Butare Demand and Unmet Need for Means of Family Limitation in Rwanda [2009]
HIV prevention UNFPA Rwanda HIV Prevention for Girls and Young Women. Report Card for Rwanda [2008]
HIV prevention: male circumcision Ministry of Health Male Circumcision at Different Ages in Rwanda: A Cost-Effectiveness Study [2010]
HIV/AIDS National HIV/AIDS Control Commission Rwanda National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS 2009-2012 [2009]
HIV/AIDS National HIV/AIDS Control Commission Strategic framework for HIV/AIDS control 2002-2006 [2002]
HIV/AIDS and breastfeeding/infant feeding Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) Update: Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices in the Context of HIV/AIDS in Rwanda [2007]
HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis WHO TB Country Profile - Rwanda
HIV/AIDS: anti-HIV agents Ministry of Health HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care Plan 2003-2007 [2003]
HIV/AIDS: anti-HIV agents WHO HIV/AIDS treatment [2005]
HIV/AIDS: epidemiology National HIV/AIDS Control Commission Rwanda - 2010 UNGASS Country Progress Report
HIV/AIDS: epidemiology WHO Epidemiological Fact Sheet on HIV and AIDS - Rwanda [2008]
Obstetrics, gynecology, sexual and reproductive health Ministry of Health National Reproductive Health Policy [2003]
Obstetrics, gynecology, sexual and reproductive health Population Reference Bureau Rwanda