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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2010 - List of participants - GFMER members pages

Zarif Ahmad Akbarian

Provincial Health Office, Herat, Afghanistan

Zarif Ahmad Akbarian

Zarif Ahmad Akbarian, MD
DEWS Surveillance Officer in Western Afghanistan, Provincial Health Office, Herat, Afghanistan

Since my graduation in 2002 from medical faculty, I have been working with different governmental and nongovernmental organizations working in public health domain, where I’ve experienced many obstacles. Huge number of communicable and none communicable diseases are prevalent in my country. Despite international concern in last decade, Afghanistan remains among the highest in Mother and Infant Mortality Ratios country. Generally, the main impediment to protect/prevent population from diseases is lack of knowledge/research to devise feasible and evident health programs. We do have resources (fund and human) but our practices are not population based, therefore whatever health activity that is copied from abroad would not have maintenance, and is not affordable either.

I as a regional surveillance officer, that managing let’s say overall health information in an area comprising of four million people felt a gap that which information is actionable and which would be the actions. Though our surveillance information has a big magnitude but its usage is only for magnifying diseases and sometimes recognizing outbreaks due to abnormal variations. Likewise the registration which is used at the health facilities is impaired, that do not lead to planning, research or evaluation of health programs.

Eventually, feel capable to undertake population based researches while my professional career and produce actionable information that lead to better practices and plans. I’m confident that the health advanced countries prevent their nations by modifying their practices based on research findings continuously. So I hope to get the chance to participate the Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2010 where I could build my knowledge and skills toward desired objectives.