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Kareema Al Arrayed

Pathology Department, Al Wasl Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Kareema Al Arrayed

Kareema Al Arrayed, MBBCH, MSBM in Cytogenetics, MSc in General Hematology
Head of Pathology Department, Al Wasl Hospital, Department of Health and Medical Services, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My name is Dr. Kareema Al Arrayed. I am from Dubai in The United Arab Emirates. I am employed as the head of Pathology department and head of Haematology & blood transfusion unit in Al Wasl hospital. The hospital is governmental and specialized in dealing with maternity and pediatric cases. It is equipped with 350 beds. In addition to that, Al Wasl hospital’s pathology department provides laboratory and blood bank services to the Dubai Thalassaemia centre.
My interest in reproductive health is deeply rooted as I for many years supervised ante-natal blood banking. The aims are primarily, early detection of antibodies in maternal circulation, which may jeopardize maternal and fetal health. Secondarily, managing blood and blood components supply for women attending the hospital and/ or in labor specially cases with placenta praevia or accreta.
My other interest is in the field of haemoglobinopathy incidence, prevalence in Dubai/UAE and its impact on maternal and child health.