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Idrees Anwar

Public Health Department, Kabul Medical University, Kabul, Afghanistan

Idrees Anwar

Idrees Anwar, MD
Lecturer in Public Health Department, Kabul Medical University, Kabul, Afghanistan

My name is Idrees Anwar. I was born in 1977 in Kabul City, Afghanistan. In 1982 I entered in primary school and in 1993 I was graduated from Naderia High school. In 1995 I participated in university entrance exam (known as Konkor examination) and entered in Kabul Medical University. In June 2002 I was graduated from Kabul Medical University and in August 2002 I passed Kabul Medical University Academic Entrance Exam successfully.

From 2002 up to now I am working as a lecturer in Public Health Department in Kabul Medical University. My responsibilities in the public health department as a lecturer are:

  • Translation and preparation of textbooks and lecture notes
  • Lectures to medical students (Public Health)
  • Evaluation of medical students
  • Attending academic meetings and workshops
  • Research

During these years I have participated in several courses and workshops, the most important are:

  • Medical Education course, University of Tokyo, Japan (2005)
  • Public Health course organized by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (2006-2007)

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