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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2010 - List of participants - GFMER members pages

Beven Chawira

Beven Chawira

Beven Chawira, MBA, BSc Food Science and Technology

My name is Beven Chawira. I am a Zimbabwean living in Switzerland with my family (wife and daughter). I graduated from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) with a BSc degree in Food Science and Technology in 2001. I also graduated from the Graduate School of Management (UZ) with an MBA in 2009. I am currently enrolled in the GFMER Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research.

I have a great deal of work experience in HIV and AIDS research, clinical trials, quality management and humanitarian work. From July 2005 to July 2009, I was the Internal Monitor for UZ-UCSF Collaborative Research Programme responsible for monitoring the conduct of HIV and AIDS clinical trials and behavioral research. Prior to that I was a Field Officer with CARE International in Zimbabwe for 3 years and I was responsible for food-aid distribution in Bikita District.

I have not been formally employed from July 2009 to date. My career aspirations are to obtain employment as a public health practitioner with an international organization.