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Abdul Karim Halimi

Pediatric Hospital, Herat, Afghanistan

Abdul Karim Halimi

Abdul Karim Halimi, MD, Pediatrician
Director of Pediatric Hospital, Herat, Afghanistan

My name is Dr. Abdull Karim Halimi, born on 1976, Hirat province, Hirat city. I have started the high school in Hirat city where I graduated in 1992 from the same school (Sultan High School). On 1993 I commenced/continued my higher education wtih the medical faculty in Hirat city. On 2000 I graduated from medical faculty in Hirat. Since then I explored the possibility for creating a private clinic in Hirat city, however, I managed to run the private clinic and gain further relevant knowledge on daily basis. Since 2000 up until 2010 despite having the major responsibility over my private clinic I did my utmost efforts gave hands to the Hirat regional hospital pediatric ward as pediatrician. During this period I have been designated as medical coordinator for MSF INGO in pediatric ward. More over between 2008 and 2009 I was playing the rule as Chief of neonatal ward in Hirat maternity hospital where during the end of 2009 I achieved to gain my specialist certificate. Since then I have been appointed as the director of Hirat pediatric hospital where the rate of responsibility have been increased significantly and thanks to God that still I have capability to handle my responsibility with no failure. This is worth mentioning that I have working experiences with all parts of pediatric field.


Abdul Karim Halimi Abdul Karim Halimi

Abdul Karim Halimi Abdul Karim Halimi Abdul Karim Halimi