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Shaimaa Ibrahim

Ministry of Health, Baghdad, Iraq

Shaimaa Ibrahim

Shaimaa Ibrahim, MD, Obstetrician/Gynecologist
EmOC Project Planner, MCH Unit, Primary Health Care Department, Ministry of Health, Baghdad, Iraq

I am a specialist doctor in Obstetric & Gynecology since 1996, and have worked at different levels of health care, providing MCH services at PHCCs and comprehensive EmOC services at secondary level as an Obstetrician since then.

In Jan 2004, I have participated in the EmOC training course (Advanced Life support in Obstetric - ALSO) held in Baghdad by the American Academy of Family Physician (AAFP). Being one of the five participants who gained the highest scores, I was selected as an instructor to organize similar courses in Baghdad in order to improve the EmOC services, which were deteriorating at that time due to effect of war and post war crisis.

In June 2005, I got my DRH from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine UK. This degree changed my career and raised my awareness of the importance of reproductive health problems and I became involved in the RH programs in Iraq.

Since 2007, I have been a member of a team working in the Iraqi MOH and responsible of adapting and implementing FP and RH program in addition to my job as an obstetrician at the Baghdad Teaching Hospital. The above mentioned program includes: Revising and adapting the WHO family planning guideline (Family Planning, A Global Handbook for Providers) as a National Guideline; Training heath care providers to improve their knowledge and skills in FP practices and other RH issues.

Our health system is mainly facility-based and the PHC level still needs to be improved and the PHC centers upgraded to provide a full package of integrated MCH & RH services. In the last few years, the Iraqi MOH adapted such a vision. My current position as an assistant in FP&RH Project and a Project Planner for EmOC Program at the MOH / PHC Department / MCH unit comes from my wish as a doctor to contribute in improving the health care system by the vision adapted by the Iraqi MOH.

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Shaimaa Ibrahim