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Ziaulhaq Mansoor Ahrari

Institute of Health Sciences, Herat, Afghanistan

Ziaulhaq Mansoor Ahrari

Midwifery Graduation, Herat 2005
Ziaulhaq Mansoor Ahrari, MD
Deputy Director, Institute of Health Sciences, Herat, Afghanistan

My name is Ziaulhaq, my middle name Mansoor, and my last name is Ahrari. I was born in ancient and historical city in west part of Afghanistan named Herat. I graduated from Inqelab High School in this city and then passed the Ministry of Higher Education to enter Herat Faculty of medicine in 1995 and in 2001 I finished it to be as a medical doctor.

During and after my faculty period I was trying to learn new things, increase and update my knowledge to reach the standard criteria, although at the beginning, it was Taleban’s period in Afghanistan and education was not so important and poor knowledge people had occupied higher positions but I did my best to complete the English courses up to teacher training and then I thought up to 2005, learning Dos, Windows, World, and PowerPoint programs, English and Persian typing, and some courses on languages like Arabic, Dutch and French.

In 2002 I started to work as admin officer in Herat Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) then I was chosen as deputy director by teachers’ council. We had nursing and midwifery programs and it was my duty to be sure of the curriculum implementation and finding and filling the gaps.

In 2004 I got married and the fruit of my marriage is two baby cute daughters.

In 2006 I occupied Herat Provincial Communicable Diseases Control and Emergency Prepared and Response Officer Position in which I was involved mostly with the out breaks, emergency conditions and nomad’s health services by two mobile teams. I took a workshop on emergency conditions in Muscat, Oman which was conducted by WHO.

In 2008 I was requested by Herat Public Health Directorate to work as Provincial environmental Health Officer. In this position I was in charge of an office which was responsible to control the imported food products, industrial town, and all the food facilities serving and selling food material in Herat. In this position I took a two months course on Food Sanitation Administration in Kyushu, Japan conducted by Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Then I came to IHS as teacher and deputy director and at the same time I am in third year of my specialty program in dermatology department in Herat regional hospital, dermatology ward to complete it on dermatology.

I am very eager to learn new things which are necessary to help humanity and saving lives of the vulnerable people.