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Obaydullah Marial

Spinal and General Rehabilitation Medicine, Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick, Australia

Obaydullah Marial

Obaydullah Marial, MD, MPH, Diploma in Information Technology
State Spinal Cord Injury Service Data Manager, Prince of Wales Hospital, Royal North Shore Hospital and Ryde Rehabilitation Centre Sydney (Moorong), Sydney, Australia

I am a Medical Doctor graduated from Leningrad (St Petersburg) Medical Institute ( Russia ) in 1986.

Since graduation, I have been interested in Public Health and Research. I had opportunity to work for USAID Health Project for Afghanistan, and UNICEF Afghanistan.

Later I migrated to Australia and received my Master Degree in Public Health from Sydney University. Initially, I worked as Researcher in a double-blinded multicentre RCT “Spinal- injured neuropathic bladder antiseptics (SINBA) trial”.

Since then I have developed an interest in Research, Statistics and Information Technology (programming). I have a Diploma in Information Technology.

Now I work as State Spinal Cord Injury Service Database Manager in New South Wales. Currently, I am involved in another similar double-blinded multicentre RCT. I am interested in research and statistics.