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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2010 - List of participants - GFMER members pages

Oluwaseun Ayoola Ojomo

Association for Reproductive and Family Health, Ibadan, Nigeria

Oluwaseun Ayoola Ojomo

Oluwaseun Ayoola Ojomo, MD, MPH
Senior Programme Officer, Association for Reproductive and Family Health, Ibadan, Nigeria

I am a medical practitioner from Nigeria who graduated from College of Medicine University of Lagos in 2005, with a Masters degree in Public Health from Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom. I have since my graduation from medical school worked in various public and private hospitals first as a medical intern then as a medical officer. It was during my practice in the paediatrics unit that I developed interest for public health. I was faced with lots of childhood diseases which could be prevented if there were proper awareness on prevention of such diseases. I had the privilege of working with experienced senior colleagues in the management of childhood diseases from public health angle so I got motivated in update my knowledge in public health.

My objective is to initiate, develop, implement and promote Reproductive Health programmes among different stakeholders through project implementation, capacity building, provision of technical assistance and programme evaluation. I presently work for Association for Reproductive and Family Health as the senior programme officer (Youth Development Programme) where my job is to design programmes, plan and execute training programmes and develop adolescent sexual reproductive health interventions. I was involved in the implementation of the project which was aimed at scaling up HIV&AIDS prevention activities among young people with disabilities in three Nigerian states. Presently I am involved in the implementation of a project which focuses on Building the Capacities of 11 Community Based Organisations in Effective HIV/AIDS Programming in Three Nigerian States to mention a few.

I was part of a delegation to the 5th National Conference on HIV&AIDS in Abuja, Nigeria with the theme: The Nigeria HIV response: Ownership and Sustainability, where I had a poster presentation. I have also been building my capacity through attending series of trainings/workshops. Some of the trainings/workshops I have attended are; a two weeks course on Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, a workshop on Writing Result-Oriented and Award Winning Proposals, IEC Development Workshop, all three organized by Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH), Capacity Development of National Youth Service Corps and State Action Committee on AIDS on Knowledge Management on the Drivers Of HIV Infection Among Most at Risk Out-of-School Adolescents in 3 Junta  States in Nigeria.

This training course will enable me broaden my knowledge and skill and also allow me apply sexual and reproductive health research at the public health level and corroborate strategies for addressing complex health issues. With my experience in clinical practice, rural community based health education and counselling, Reproductive Health and Family Planning Programme management; I believe I can add my quota in contributing to the overall development of the health system in my country Nigeria.

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