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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2010 - List of participants - GFMER members pages

Tin Tin Thein

Department of Medical Research, Upper Myanmar, Mandalay, Myanmar

Tin Tin Thein

Tin Tin Thein, MD, General Pathology
Director (Biomedical Research), Department of Medical Research, Upper Myanmar, Mandalay, Myanmar

I am Dr. Tin Tin Thein, Director (Biomedical Research) from Department of Medical Research (Upper Myanmar). I am basically a medical doctor, and subsequently specialized in the field of Pathology. I primarily focused my research projects and activities in the field of Pathology with emphasis on medicinal applications of indigenous herbal remedies. Later, I encroached into the arena of Reproductive Health. I have been serving as the Secretary (Focal Point) of the WHO/HRP-assisted Long-term Institutional Development grant since 2007. As a Director (Research), I have to involve in following research management of the Department.

  • Capability and Capacity building in health research;
  • Research information and knowledge management encompassing identifying sources, dissemination and promoting the utilization of research information, etc.;
  • Research programmes formulation and implementation;
  • Participating in Ethics committee dealing with ethical aspects of research projects and ensuring that researchers are adequately ethical in the pursuance of their research;
  • Research financing and its management to ensure their growth and development;
  • Promoting utilization of research results;
  • Promoting collaboration and partnership in health research
  • Evaluation of Research Institute

I am also a former participant of GFMER/WHO Course (2008). I am very grateful to attend this on-line training course on research methodology in sexual and reproductive health "From Research to Practice: Training in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research, 2010". I hope this on-line course could provide wide knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of sexual and reproductive health and it is beneficial for those whose access to learn quality education is limited by time and other constraints.


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  • Khin Phyu Phyu, Win Myint,Aye Than, Thein Tun, Ye Htut,Myint Sein, Tin Tin Thein, Lei Lei Win and Saw Ohmar Khin (2008). Preparation and Standardization of Anti- malaria Phytopharmaceutial product from Swertia  purpurescens( Pan Kha) (Best paper award, Second prize for Basic Health Research, Myanmar Health Research Congress, 2007). Myanmar Health Science Research Journal Vol (20), No (1).
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  • Tin TinThein,  Hla  Min, Aye Aye Myint and Rai Mra(1996). A Clinical and Hematological  study of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. (Paper read at the Myanmar Medical Association  Conference,Yangon, 1997). Thesis submitted for the M.Med.Sc (Pathology) Degree, University of Medicine(1), Yangon, 1996.

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