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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2010 - List of participants - GFMER members pages

Nkunda Kasongo Vundamina

REPRONET-Africa, Lusaka, Zambia

Nkunda Kasongo Vundamina

Nkunda Kasongo Vundamina, BSc Biomedical Sciences
Coordinator, The African Network for Research and Training in Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS (ReproNet-Africa), Lusaka, Zambia

I’m a Biomedical Scientist by profession, and since 2009 till now I have been working for ReproNet-Africa, an African regional network consisting of institutions and organisations working in SRH research and training. The past year has been an awesome learning experience and I feel truly privileged to be working with some of Africa’s finest health professionals. I previously worked as a Biomedical Scientist at Malcolm Watson Hospital, in Mufulira, Zambia, and it was pure joy working there. I rotated among the various disciplines including microbiology, serology, haematology and biochemistry and for me the most fulfilling were microbiology and serology for a number of reasons one being the hands-on approach involved. In 2008 I graduated with Honours from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC). My final year dissertation was entitled the “The Effects of Acute Exercise on CD36 Gene Expression”.

On a more personal level, if I were to describe myself in a four word sentence it would be “I love to laugh”. For me there’s nothing more pure and liberating than laughter. I find that the world around me always highlights and amplifies the tragedies of life and it seems there’s more to be solemn about and weep over than there is to smile about. So I treasure whatever moment of joy that comes my way and these moments may be as simple as a phone call from an old friend or spending time with my family and friends; the savannah sun shining outside my office window; or reading my favourite novel for the umpteenth time; and yes occasionally, for a few seconds only I get excited about the pay-check at the end of the month, then I remember the budget.

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