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Abdul Saboor Wahabzadah

Pediatric Hospital, Herat, Afghanistan

Abdul Saboor Wahabzadah

Abdul Saboor Wahabzadah, MD, Pediatrician
Pediatrician, Pediatric Hospital, Herat, Afghanistan

My name is Abdul Saboor Wahabzadah. I am from Afghanistan, and was born in one the famous and ancient city in this country, called Herat. Currently I enjoy living in this city. It is located in the west part of country bordered with two countries (Iran and Turkmenistan). My primary education started in Iran and finally I graduated from Herat Medical Faculty in 2001. Since 2001 I have been working with several governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the field; officially, I started to work as a medical doctor with MDM France Clinics. This was from 2001 to 2002. During 2003 to 2007 I was working in Herat regional Hospital as a pediatric doctor. In 2007 I had the chance to be accepted in Pediatric Specialization Period and I successfully completed the program with an honorable result in the beginning of 2010. Alongside with my basic and specialized education, I actively had the participation of several short terms and mid terms training courses which I can briefly list them as follow:

  • Wahaaj Institute of Ultrasound Imaging (Kabul)
  • Training On HIV/AIDS for Health Professionals’
  • Basic Resuscitation And trauma life support
  • Basic Infection Prevention Course
  • Standard-Based Management in Infection Prevention
  • Assessment of the Quality of care for Hospitalized Children
  • Primary Mental Health Project
  • Management of Severe Malnutrition
  • Basic Newborn Care Training
  • Breast Feeding Counseling Course

Now I am participating with Training course in sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2010.

I, Dr.Alphons and Dr.Halemi are working in the same group of this course, I enjoy learning and sharing knowledge with others.

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Abdul Saboor Wahabzadah Abdul Saboor Wahabzadah Abdul Saboor Wahabzadah

Abdul Saboor Wahabzadah Abdul Saboor Wahabzadah Abdul Saboor Wahabzadah