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Adolescent health and development with a particular focus on sexual and reproductive health

Sexual health, adolescent sexual and reproductive health - Course files

Module 2: HIV/AIDS and young people

Jane Ferguson

From Research to Practice: Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2011

September 9, 2011 - Geneva

HIV/AIDS and young people

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Ferguson J. HIV/AIDS and young people. Paper presented at: Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research; 2011 Sep 9; Geneva. Available from: https://www.gfmer.ch/SRH-Course-2011/adolescent-health/HIV-AIDS-young-people-Ferguson-2011.htm

Objectives of the module

The objectives of the module are:

  • To understand the reasons why it is important to focus on HIV in young people
  • To have an overview of scope of the HIV epidemic in young people
  • To have an overview of the special needs of adolescents living with HIV (ALHIV)
  • To have an overview of the responses to HIV/YP: achievements and challenges
  • To be aware of some key international resources available


Empowering young people to protect themselves from HIV represents one of UNAIDS’ ten priority areas, with the overall goal of a 30% reduction in new HIV infections by 2015 (c.f. UNAIDS young people document).

Using the resource materials to assist you in addition to the knowledge of your country:

  • Identify the groups of young people in your country who should be targeted with HIV interventions.
  • Describe briefly the factors (the 'drivers') which make them vulnerable.
  • List the interventions most important (for each group) which would contribute to achieving the UNAIDS goal

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