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Maternal and perinatal health - Course files

Postpartum depression: An overview of treatment and prevention

Elizabeth Corey, Shyam Thapa

From Research to Practice: Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2011

August 5, 2011 - Geneva

Postpartum depression: An overview of treatment and prevention - Elizabeth Corey, Shyam Thapa

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Corey E, Thapa S. Postpartum depression: An overview of treatment and prevention. Paper presented at: Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research; 2011 Aug 5; Geneva. Available from: https://www.gfmer.ch/SRH-Course-2011/maternal-health/Postpartum-depression-Corey-2011.htm

See also Postpartum depression: An overview of treatment and prevention - Elizabeth Corey, Shyam Thapa (presentation with audio)

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For those interested in the topic, you may choose from some of the tasks suggested below:

  • Review existing policies and programs, if any, in PPD in your country and prepare a summary.
  • Conduct a literature search on what research, if any, has been conducted in the country you are interested in and prepare a short summary of the findings.
  • Review the attached article on cognitive behavior therapy-based interventions by community health workers for mothers with depression, and prepare a commentary on what aspects of the interventions could be feasible and acceptable to implement as a pilot project in your own community.
  • Suppose you are planning to do a post-intervention evaluation only of the pilot project. Propose a plan for evaluation of what worked and what did not the community-based pilot project.
  • Consider conducting formative research in your community to determine local awareness of PPD, local terms used to describe PPD, and current treatment for PPD.