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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2014 - List of participants

Sunera Sadacali

IMSALUD Area 11, Atención Primaria, Salud Madrid, Spain

Sunera Sadacali

Sunera Sadacali, MD, Family and Community Medicine (GP)
Family Physician, IMSALUD, Madrid Public Health System, Spain

My name is Sunera, I was born in Nampula, Mozambique 31 years ago within an Indian family. I grew up in Lisbon, Portugal and started medical school in Badajoz, Spain. I studied in 4th and 5th grade of medical school in France and finished my medical degree in Córdoba, Spain. I recently completed 4 years of Family and Community Medicine residency program in Madrid. I am currently working for Madrid Public Health System as a Family physician. Later this year I will travel to Malawi to undertake a volunteering program in HIV. In September 2014 I will start a Master in Public Health in Escuela Nacional de Sanidad in Madrid.

I think of myself a feminist; I am interested in women health, gender issues and I believe in a socio-political approach for the majority of people´s medical problems such as mental disease and even disease mongering.

I have two little children to whom I dedicate a great deal of my time. Beyond medicine, I love travelling, dance Bharatnatyam and I play the transversal flute.