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Aleksandra Ilievska-Farmilo

University of Melbourne, Australia

Aleksandra Ilievska-Farmilo

Aleksandra Ilievska-Farmilo, Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Reproductive Medicine
Patient’s Health Management, Green Life and Health

My name is Aleksandra Ilievska-Farmilo and currently working in Melbourne, as a fertility consultant. I am a professional woman, who speaks five languages with an absolute passionate focus on people’s fertility and making a difference to my patients by incorporating a completely holistic manner through sound medical care. My clinical experience in primary health care includes male and female’s fertility management, with emphasis of PCOS patients.

For the last four years I have been lecturing part-time in different universities as a clinical teacher with a focus on reproduction and human physiology.

Currently, having developed a strong career in reproductive medicine I am seeking an opportunity with a university that offers continued professional development and advancement, including research in the field of reproductive medicine, especially PCOS and eggs quality.