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Amira Ahmed Abdelkarem

Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt

Amira Ahmed Abdelkarem

Amira Ahmed Abdelkarem, Bachelor Degree of Medicine and Surgery, Total Quality Management Diploma
Public Health Demonstrator, Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt

Dr Amira is born on 30th August 1989. She graduated from Tanta Faculty of Medicine, Egypt with bachelor degree in medicine and surgery (excellent with honors) in 2012 and obtained Total Quality Management diploma in Health Care Quality Management 2014/5. She is registered for  Master degree in Public Health in January 2015. Currently she is Public Health demonstrator at Public Health Department, Tanta Faculty of Medicine.

During undergraduate study, she was a member of the scientific committee, Tanta Medical Student Union, TMSU.  She is also member at Skilled Physician of Tanta Unit concerned with providing training that help students and physicians to acquire necessary skills for their medical practice and research activities.

Currently, she is working at Public health Department. Her activity includes demonstration for the students, participation and supervision of regular survey conduction and conducting regular field visits to observe different public health programs application at Primary health care centers, Chest hospitals and fever hospitals.