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Ana Monza

Public Health Services in Primary Care, Montevideo Metropolitan Area, Uruguay

Ana Monza

Ana Monza, Psychologist
Co-Coordinator of the Sexual and Reproductive Program, Public Health Services in Primary Care, Montevideo Metropolitan Area, Uruguay

As Psychologist works in the field of community health, in the primary health care services with people in situations of social vulnerability, promoting the empowerment of communities as agents for their health on the line of the human rights.

In recent years our country Uruguay, has advanced legislation that recognizes the right and care of people in sexual and reproductive health protection. The public health services must guarantee to the population assistance the highest standards of quality according to the best experiences of other countries.

Particularly in the program of sexual and reproductive health we developed several lines of work, for example: health prevention and promotion activities, training and monitoring professionals, designing and implementing services and research in the areas of abortion and women health.

In the years of professional work as a psychologist I also worked in the field of education, in care programs to children and families in situations of violence and vulnerability and in the Universidad de la Rep├║blica as a tutor of young professionals in the curse of their specializations.

I am currently studying for my grade of magister in psychology and education and investigated the teamwork between professionals from different specialties.

I believe in the work in team, and interdisciplinarity because that work enriches including various perspectives on the events. I feel fortunate as psychologist to work with different health professionals sharing the human values of solidarity, equality and justice in community health.