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Badaruddin Abbasi

University of Dammam, Al-Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Badaruddin Abbasi

Badaruddin Abbasi, MD, MA, FACE
Scientific Research and Bioethics Unit / Research Integrity Office, Deanship of Scientific Research, University of Dammam, Al-Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Badaruddin Abbasi, a Reproductive Health Researcher, worked with National Research Institute for Fertility Care (WHO Collaborative Research Centre on RHR), Pakistan to develop, design and implement biomedical/clinical testing.

From 2012 July, he is working in University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia to Coordinate, supervise and monitor the medical research and Bioethics section and guide/advise researcher of University of Dammam to submit and execute successful grant application to Deanship of Scientific Research.