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Gabriela Píriz

Public Health Services in Primary Care, Montevideo Metropolitan Area, Uruguay

Gabriela Píriz

Gabriela Píriz, MA in Public Policy and Gender, MD, Ob Gyn
Co-Coordinator of the Sexual and Reproductive Program, Public Health Services in Primary Care, Montevideo Metropolitan Area, Uruguay

Gabriela Píriz is from Montevideo, Uruguay.

She graduated as a General Medical practitioner in 2002 and as a Gynechologist in 2006 from the Universidad de la República (University of the Republic of Uruguay). She has been working as a gynecologist in public and private health care services since she obtained her post-graduate degree. She has specialized in Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology. She has been a Gynecology Professor at the University since 2007.

She has a Master Degree on Public Policy and Gender from the Latin American Social Sciences University.

In 2011 she took office as head of sexual and reproductive services in the Public Health Care sector, together with Psychologist Ana Monza. This position involves: development, improvement, assessment, advice and staff training in different sexual and reproductive programs.

In 2014 she became a trainer of trainers from UNFPA and Reprolatina Organization in Family Planning, Contraceptive Methods and Adolescents sexual care. In the same year, she was the Uruguayan representative speaker at the Global Consultation Female Condom in Zambia, Africa.

As a researcher, she is studying accessibility of legal abortion in Uruguay, legal abortion therapeutical path, female condom acceptance, use and supply chain and subdermal implants acceptance.

She participated in the GFMER Training Course of Sexual and Reproductive Health Research Workshop in Geneva, in 2016.