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Getachew Mullu Kassa

Debre Markos University, Ethiopia

Getachew Mullu Kassa

Getachew Mullu Kassa, Bsc in Clinical Nursing, Msc in Maternal and Reproductive Health Nursing
Lecturer, Debre Markos University, Ethiopia

Getachew Mullu was born January 29/1989. He graduated from Arba Minch University, Ethiopia in July 15, 2010 with Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nursing and obtained Masters Degree in Maternal and Reproductive health nursing from Addis Ababa University in July, 2013.

He has more than 4 years of teaching and 2 years research experience in Debre Markos University. He also involve actively in extracurricular activities; like providing training on sexual and reproductive health (SRH), attending national and international workshops, and has several publications.


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