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Haneen Mustafa Hijazi

Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

Haneen Mustafa Hijazi

Haneen Mustafa Hijazi, MD
Third year OBGYN resident, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

In 2006 I got the Official Lebanese Baccalaureate Diploma (Diploma of Life Science) with a ‘very good’ grade award.

Then, I joined the medical school for a total of 6 years to get then in 2012 a “Bachelor in Medicine and General Surgery”, “Excellent” grade award with a score of 94.5 in Beirut Arab University.

I chose then the field of Obstetric &Gynecology after a year of training in various medical domains.

I am now completing my residency at Beirut Governmental University Hospital, which is an excellent training institution where we are exposed to patients with different nationalities, culture, and background.

I have also completed training program by the UNHCR about the clinical and social care of sexual assault survivors. Moreover, our hospital is now a referral center for many sexually assaulted women, who are receiving the medical management as well as the social support. We had put a standard protocol to deal with those survivors, and we have also connections with non-governmental organization that will provide further follow up and shelter for those survivors.