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Higus Teklu Gebrekidan

Centro Universitario per la Cooperazione Internazionale, University of Parma, Italy

Higus Teklu Gebrekidan

Higus Teklu Gebrekidan, MD
Master Scholar on International Health and Medicine for Cooperation with Developing Countries, Parma, Italy

Dr. Higus Teklu Gebrekidan was born 29Junuary 1987 in Ethiopia. He graduated from Mekelle University, Ethiopia in 2012 with doctor of medicine. Since then, he was working as medical director, quality assurance officer and general practitioner. He received certificate on ultrasound in 2013 from Mekelle University. He has diploma on Echocardiography from Vienna Austria medical university. He did his master’s degree in International health and medicine in Parma university Italy in 2014/15.

His interest is to improve the quality of health system in developing country by using the existing resource to decrease mortality and disability. His clinical interest is cardiology.