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Ismaël Maatouk

Beirut, Lebanon

Ismaël Maatouk

Ismaël Maatouk, MD, Dermatologist, Sub-specialized in Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Keserwan Medical Center affiliated to AUBMC (part-time Dermatologist)
Hammoud Hospital University Medical Center (part-time Dermatologist)
Private Clinic

I graduated from Saint Joseph University, Beirut, in 2009 with General Medicine diploma and in 2014 with Dermatology specialization. Between 2013 and 2014, I was a fellow in Saint-Louis hospital, Paris, in STDs section. Currently, I have a mixed private and University hospital activity. I have been seeing patients with STDs since 2010 in Beirut. I am the National Coordinator of a project funded by WHO in Beirut “Assessment of STDs in Lebanon”.

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