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Kathya Lorena Cordova Pozo

South Group, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Kathya Lorena Cordova Pozo

Kathya Lorena Cordova Pozo, PhD in Economics
Project Coordinator, South Group, Cochabamba, Bolivia

PhD. in Economics from the University of Grenoble 2 in France. Researcher in South Group in the area of economics - health and development since 2004 involved in different research projects working with multidisciplinary vision. In the last ten years she has been a guest researcher in several countries in Europe and South America and has been a guest lecturer at several universities in Bolivia. She has recently completed a project focused on sexual and reproductive health for adolescents (CERCA Project funded by the FP7) in which she was the coordinator for Bolivia and later she worked as a consultant on the same topic for the World Health Organization to evaluate the impact of CERCA. Currently she works giving sexuality workshops in different schools in Cochabamba and presenting their research at conferences and with stakeholders.

Publications indexed in PubMed

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