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Marian Becherano

Hospital Angeles Lomas, Mexico City, Mexico

Marian Becherano

Marian Becherano Bimstein, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Adolescent Medicine
OB/GYN, Hospital Angeles Lomas, Mexico City, Mexico

I was born on March 31st, 1980 in Mexico City. I graduated from the Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico City with a Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery in 2006 and finished Obstetrics and Gynecology specialty in 2010 at the Hospital Angeles Lomas. I coursed a specialty in Adolescent Medicine by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

I now work at the Hospital Ángeles Lomas in Mexico City as an OBGyn with women all ages and I specialize in a very unique age group, adolescents. I believe that patients in this age group have very specific and complex needs. I try to help them with their physical but also their emotional health and work to empower them to make choices based on education, the most important asset any woman should have. I’m glad to be a part of this course because I think more and better research would be very beneficial to my country.

I’m also a happy wife and mother of 4 wonderful kids.


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