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Namakau Nyambe

FHI 360, Lusaka, Zambia

Namakau Nyambe

Namakau Nyambe, BAEd, MA Gender
Program Officer, FHI 360, a USAID Funded Project in Zambia

Namakau Nyambe works as a Program Officer in the Clinical Services Evaluation and Gender Units at FHI 360. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with education degree and a master of arts in gender studies both of which she obtained from the University of Zambia.  She has 4 years of experience coordinating research studies in US government sponsored organizations in areas including; HIV, gender, family planning, malaria, adolescents and reproductive health. She has 4 years’ experience in administration work in research studies including logistical management and budgetary oversight. Her interests include program implementation, research coordination and management in the areas of HIV, Family Planning, Gender and Sexual and Reproductive Health and logistics management.


  • Denison JA, Banda H, Dennis AC, Packer C, Nyambe N, Stalter RM, Mwansa JK, Katayamoyo P, McCarraher DR. “The sky is the limit”: adhering to antiretroviral therapy and HIV self-management from the perspectives of adolescents living with HIV and their adult caregivers. J Int AIDS Soc. 2015;18(1):19358.