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Nokuthaba Ndlovu

United Bulawayo Hospitals, Zimbabwe

Nokuthaba Ndlovu

Nokuthaba Ndlovu, Midwife, Family Planning Nurse, General Nurse
Co-Coordinator of the Sexual and Reproductive Program, United Bulawayo Hospitals, Zimbabwe

I am trained to give comprehensive nursing care in any setting. l am a conscientious worker with excellent record and time keeping skills. I have had comprehensive training in:

  • Interpretation and enforcement of policies.
  • Planning of patient care, delegating duties to subordinates, supervising and evaluating the care given.
  • Providing Health Education and counselling on patients.
  • Providing HIV counselling and testing to clients.
  • Ordering and controlling of the administration of dangerous drugs of addiction in the ward.
  • Giving and writing comprehensive reports and keeping records to date.
  • Preparing students for assessment and participating in assessments.