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Omisile Kehinde Olugbenga

Africa Leadership Forum, Nigeria

Omisile Kehinde Olugbenga

Omisile Kehinde Olugbenga Misgana, Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Master’s Degree in Biostatistics
M&E Specialist, CBN-Entrepreneurship Development Program, Africa Leadership Forum

I am Omisile Kehinde Olugbenga and I was born on 16th January 1984 in Nigeria. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from University of Agriculture Abeokuta and recently completed a Master’s degree in Biostatistics from the University of Ibadan. I love to synthesize knowledge and can generally adapt whatever knowledge or skills I have acquired into whatever field I have at hand. Whatever career will make a Data Analyst out of me generally interests me, and this led me to go on to start a freelance consultancy outfit that provides research consultancy and training, Oken Analytics Enterprise. However, my first work experience after university education was in public health.

I volunteered my skills in data analysis at Association for Reproductive and Family Health – an NGO in Nigeria with particular focus on reproductive health, family planning, sexually transmitted infections and malaria. I worked in all the various programs. This path led to my career in public health – Biostatistics, where my project eventually was to use statistical techniques (Weibull Modeling Fitting on baseline hazards of time-to-event data) to study SRH issues – age at first sex, age at first birth and their interval.

I strongly desire to build a career as a Data Analyst providing research consultancy and training for researchers, especially in the development and civil society organizations, in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa; and using this platform to transform lives of young people through mentoring and motivation.

My work experience includes three years as a volunteer at ARFH (while also as a postgraduate student), six-month experience as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer on the Malaria Action Program for States Community Intervention Package (MAPS-CIP) and currently as a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at Africa Leadership Forum on the Entrepreneurship Development Program. I am also a member of Godly Brains, a student and youth organization spread across campuses in Nigeria that helps young people pursue the core values of purpose, leadership and integrity through reading books.

I have confidence in this Training Course in SRH Research to enhance my knowledge and skills and give me the opportunity to help more researchers especially in public health, to contribute more meaningfully to improving the quality of life in Nigeria and the world at large.