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Saad El Gelany

Minia College of Medicine, Egypt

Saad El Gelany

Saad El Gelany, MD
Consultant OBGYN, Minia University Maternity and Children Hospital, Egypt
Assistant Professor, Minia College of Medicine
Editorial Board Member in Gynaecology and Obstetrics Research Journal

Dr. Saad El Gelany graduated from Minia University, Egypt in 1998 with grade excellent with honour in his MB.B.Ch. and got his Master degree of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Minia University, El Minya, Egypt, 2003, grade excellent. Then he completed his doctorate in reproductive and developmental unit at the University of Sheffield, UK in conjunction with Minia college of medicine ,Egypt through a joint research project in 2008. After his analytical study of different serum markers related to recurrent miscarriage and correlation with Doppler velocimetry, he went to extend his practice in the field of reproductive and sexual health as he noticed a gap in the targeted population. Where he directed his research to this hidden field in his community. This led to the development of improvement of community awareness to different health problems as antenatal classes sessions, reproductive and sexual health awareness courses. Due to his efforts in raising the awareness of risks of postpartum haemorrhage, he won the FIGO fellowship in Rome 2012. Another period of experience had gained during his FIGO fellowship in Bologna University, Italy in the department of obstetrics and prenatal medicine.

Dr El Gelany is currently assistant Professor and researcher of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and consultant at Minia maternity and children university hospital, Minia University Egypt. Also he is serving as clinical consultant at the fetomaternal unit. He is recognised internationally by his research in the area of reproductive health and community research.