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Vida Bannoura

Daughters of Charity “Creche”, Bethlehem, Palestine

Vida Bannoura

Vida Bannoura, Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist, Daughters of Charity “Creche”, Bethlehem, Palestine

I am Vida Bannoura eit-Sahour, I graduated from Bethlehem University in 2013 as an official Occupational Therapist, I’m working in Daughters of Charity in Bethlehem as a full time occupational therapist since September 2013, and I’m doing my Masters in Public Health “Epidemiology” in Al-Quds University in Abu-Deis.

During my study at Bethlehem University, I practiced at different rehabilitation centers such as; Four Homes of Mercy for severe physical and mental disabilities at Bethany, Khalil Abu-Rayya Rehabilitation Centre for spinal cord and brain injuries in Ramallah, Psychiatric Hospital in Bethlehem, Princess Basma School and Rehab. Center for preschoolers and children with different disabilities, and Al-Malath Charity for mental disabilities in Beit-Sahour.

During my study in Bethlehem University, I had the opportunity to have different extra activities such as providing private occupational therapy sessions for one child with till present. In addition, working as a secretary in Jesus Bookstore in Beit-Sahour, working as an assistant in Bethlehem University in counseling office, administration office, dean of student’s office, and office where people with disabilities received help from the University.

Besides of having courses such as Leadership, participating in the First Palestinian Undergraduate Research Conference in Health, participating in a workshop for sensory integration at Bethlehem University, First aid, and participating in Emotional and Psychological Development of Children Health.