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Yismaw Dejene Hailegiorgis

Saint Louis University, United States

Yismaw Dejene Hailegiorgis

Yismaw Dejene Hailegiorgis, Senior Public Health Researcher, BSC, MPH, CPH
Graduate Research Assistant, Saint Louis University, United States

I am an experienced, leading public health executive with nearly 10 years of experience in public health programs that includes managing health programs in the area of Maternal & Child Health programs, Reproductive Health programs, HIV/AIDS prevention and care programs, Nutrition programs and international health program development. With all my trainings and experience, my career goal is to work with international and local partners and to implement innovative approaches to meet basic needs in health care, education, water and sanitation, and sustainable food and nutrition program. Trained as an epidemiologist with a focus on maternal and child health program, I have served in a number of senior management roles and research investigator position both in the US and in sub-Saharan country.

Specialties: Program management, community based and clinical health research, epidemiological studies, operations research, monitoring and evaluation, technical assistance and business development.