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Wazhma Hakimi

Kabul, Afghanistan

Wazhma Hakimi

Wazhma Hakimi, MD, MPH
MCH (Mother and Child Health) Technical Manager, Kabul, Afghanistan

Dr. Wazhma Hakimi is born on the 6th December 1988 in Kabul, Afghanistan. She is graduated from Kabul Medical University (KMU) of Afghanistan in 2012 with MD degree, and in 2015 with MPH degree. She has worked for 4 years in the field of public health. She has in her background the professional level working experience with Ministry of Public Health as well as with other national and international NGOs in Afghanistan such as, Johns Hopkins University (JHU), ASMO, and MEC in different positions mostly involved in maternal and child health and she currently works as a Technical Manager in PU-AMI. She has the experience of facilitating the trainings and workshops in the field of public health, leadership and women empowerment, reproductive health and family planning and EMS. She obtained certificates in Medical Ethics TOT and in Extensive Pre-service Public Health and Management from MoPH and certificate in Women’s Empowerment and Leadership from SMART International.

Her latest positions during her four years work experience are:

  • MCH Technical Manager in Première Urgence - Aide Médicale Internationale (PU-AMI)
  • National Consultant (VCA Officer) for MoPH in Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring & Evaluation Committee (MEC)
  • Master Trainer in Afghan Social Marketing Organization (ASMO)

She has drafted the National Oral Health policy and strategy for MoPH. She also developed a community-based guideline on “How to prevent Early Childhood Caries”. In addition, she has conducted her master thesis research on “Caregivers’ Awareness on Early Childhood Caries in Two Hospitals of Kabul City”, successfully.