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Amir Radfar

MEDICHEM, Babol Mazandaran, Iran

Amir Radfar

Amir Radfar, MD, MPH
Physician-Researcher and Board member of MEDICHEM

Amir Radfar graduated from Shiraz University of medical Sciences in Iran with MD in general medicine in1996; He pursued his training in public health in Germany and is an alumnus of German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) since 2000. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Florid International University in Miami, Florida USA in 2011.

Amir has several years’ experience in teaching public health in Ilam University of Medical Sciences and University of Welfare and Rehabilitation in Tehran, Iran for bachelor, master and doctoral level students and for in-service personnel. He has worked in several national and international public health projects and moderated international conferences in Iran, Germany and Latin America.

Besides medical public health practice, he also served as vise- president of preventive medicine in Ilam Welfare Organization in Iran. At the moment, Amir is a board member of MEDICHEM which is affiliated with the International Commission on Occupational Health.


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