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Ana Catarina Baptista Duarte

Première Urgence Internationale, Bardarash, Iraq

Ana Catarina Baptista Duarte

Ana Catarina Baptista Duarte, Pharmacist
Health Program Manager, Première Urgence Internationale, Iraq

I am a recently graduated pharmacist from the University of Porto, Pharmacy Faculty, Portugal. Since the beginning of my studies, I wished to pursue a career in Public Health and I have been focusing my learning in that sense.

My first experience in Public Health was with the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF), where I started as Public Health Advocacy Coordinator and then moved to Chairperson of Public Health. During 2 years, I worked towards promotion of public health among pharmacy students and recent graduates and representing these in high profile events concerning public and global health, such as the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

Throughout my short professional path, I had the opportunity of getting involved in different areas of the public health sector. The most interesting were in consulting and humanitarian fields. At the end of 2015 I went to The Bahamas where I worked with an international company in the health and social welfare sector consulting for the Bahamian government on the design and implementation of the National Health Insurance system. By middle of 2016, I started working for an INGO as a Pharmacy Manager for the Iraq mission and now I am Health Program Manager for 2 Primary Health Care Centers and a Mother and Child Unit.

From October 2017, I hope to start my MPH and strengthen my knowledge in Public Health. I joined this course because I wish to learn more about sexual and reproductive health, not only because it is an area of high relevance in the humanitarian context, but also because I feel strongly connected with the topic.