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BetterCareTogether (BCT)

BetterCareTogether (BCT)

Manager: Alison Chatfield

Despite the availability of numerous evidence-based clinical guidelines, many providers do not or cannot use them. Poor access to quick and reliable sources of guidance, an “implementation gap” between guidelines and local realities, and professional isolate greatly limit providers’ ability to deliver the best possible care to women and babies.

In response, the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research partnered with the Oxford Maternal & Perinatal Health Institute, ForumOne Communications and the Maternal Health Task Force to launch BetterCareTogether.org.

BetterCareTogether (BCT) offers maternal and newborn healthcare providers with a trustworthy source for up-to-date resources on the best maternal and newborn health evidence and a community of health professionals to discuss how best to apply them in practice. We believe that we can close the gap between evidence and practice by supporting providers to lead the conversation about how to do so.

Membership on BCT allows users to:

  • Create a profile to join the network and activate member-to-member matchmaking
  • Receive resource and conversation recommendations based on their interests
  • Connect with other members through questions, answers, and direct messaging
  • Download resources on the best evidence, curated by peers and experts
  • Rate questions, answers, and resources through “likes” to increase their popularity and visibility on the site
  • Receive email updates that highlight interesting conversations happening on the site, flag new resources, and share professional development opportunities

BCT aims to raise the under-represented voices of maternal and newborn healthcare providers, including doctors, midwives, and nurses. It also offers the opportunity for maternal and newborn health technical experts to connect directly with providers to get feedback on guidelines, check assumptions, and offer support. It is our hope that the site will support cross-cadre, context-specific, and solution-oriented communication.

BetterCareTogether partners are committed to providing members with robust, multidisciplinary content curated by experts and BCT members. Knowledge summaries provide an overview of definitions, etiology, global evidence-based guidelines, online tools, and areas for further exploration on key topics such as Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care. A library of key resources and supportive implementation materials, including training materials, job aids, key research articles, and policy briefs, are coupled with Topics, and are updated regularly. New Topic pages are being added all the time, and BCT members are frequently given the opportunity to help review content.

The site takes advantage of some of the newest technological breakthroughs to make content easily findable, pointing members to the users and content areas they are most interested in. The social networking features of the site allows users to message one another, post and respond to questions, and rate resources, questions, and answers through “likes.”

In August 2014, BetterCareTogether was pilot tested by almost 100 former participants of the GFMER Sexual and Reproductive Health Methods: From Research to Practice online course. Their feedback on the site has led to changes to the site, and will inform proposals for Phase II of BetterCareTogether.

GFMER course participants are encouraged to use this platform as a resource during their participation in the Sexual and Reproductive Health Methods: From Research to Practice online course, and beyond as a way of continuing their professional development.

Are you interested in joining BetterCareTogether? Sign up today! Visit www.bettercaretogether.org.

Those looking for more information can contact the BCT Manager, Alison Chatfield at achatfie@hsph.harvard.edu.