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Umuganda (Community Day) in Kigali City, Rwanda

Adamu Mohammed - Bauchi State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Nigeria


Umuganda (Community Day) in Kigali City, Rwanda - Adamu Mohammed

I participated in “Umuganda” in Kigali City of Rwanda on Saturday 31st March 2018. Umuganda stands for community service day where all Rwandans gather in their community for a community service which can be clearing of grasses in the neighborhood, sweeping the street, gutters or indigent homes. We cleared grasses in the surrounding in Remera. One thing that catch my attention is the meeting that follows after the exercise, where they discussed their problems generally in the community, health issues, especially importance of hygiene were discussed in the meeting. I can be seen with black T-shirt holding a microphone commending and encouraging Rwandans to continue with this laudable exercise.