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Practical Training and Research in Gynecologic Endoscopy

A.G. Gordon, J. F. Hulka, D.M. Walker and A. Campana (editors)

Practical training and research in gynecologic endoscopy for developing countries D.M. Walker and A. Campana (Switzerland)
Teaching and credentialing J. F. Hulka and B. Levy (US)
Anaesthesia for gynaecological endoscopy P. Schoeffler (France)
Training in diagnostic laparoscopy G. de Candolle (Switzerland) and A.G. Gordon (UK)
Laparoscopic sterilization J. F. Hulka (US) and A. Stepanian (Russia)
Large ovarian endometriomas J.Donnez, M. Nissolle, S.Gillerot, M.Smets, S. Bassil and F. Casanas-Roux (Belgium)
Tubal endoscopy A. G. Gordon and I. W. Scudamore (UK)
Laparoscopic treatment of distal tubal disease J. Bouquet de Jolinière (France) and G. de Candolle (Switzerland)
Laparoscopic hysterectomy J. Dequesne (Switzerland)
Endoscopic lymphadenectomy J. Salvat (France)
Chronic pelvic pain J. F. Hulka and L. Wolf (US)
Diagnostic hysteroscopy G. Benagiano and L. Mencaglia (Italy)
Current status of gynaecologic endoscopy and experience with training in South America L. Devoto and A. Fuentes (Chile)
Gynaecologic endoscopy and experience with training in Africa O. A. Lapido, A.O. Adekunle (Nigeria) and E. O. Akande (Switzerland)
The current status of laparoscopic surgery in China M. Zheng (China)
Complications of laparoscopy A. G. Gordon (UK)
Complications of hysteroscopy A. G. Gordon (UK)