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Preface G. Benagiano
The reproductive system
Human sexual differentiation P.C. Sizonenko
Steroid hormone metabolism Th. Steimer
Folliculogenesis and ovulation J.F. Guerin
Gametogenesis and gamete interaction during fertilization S. Schorderet-Slatkine and J. Huarte
The preimplantation embryo: development and experimental manipulation D. Sakkas and J.D. Vassalli
Gamete and embryo quality M. Benkhalifa and Y. Menezo
The invisible human chorionic gonadotropin P. Bischof, C. Gruffat and A. Campana
Oxytocin in reproductive biology: newly discovered sites of production and of action J.J. Dreifuss
Renin and aldosterone in human reproduction M.B. Vallotton
Demography, statistics, protocol design
The demography of fertility and infertility O. Frank
Basic statistical methods in reproductive medicine T.M.M. Farley
Randomized controlled clinical trials in reproductive health J. Villar and G. Carolli
Cohort and case-control studies O. Meirik
Gynecologic endocrinology
Gonadal failure G. Padova
The menopause F. Luzuy and A. Campana
Family planning
The natural regulation of fertility E.W. Wilson
Barrier contraceptive methods P.J. Rowe
Long-acting hormonal contraceptive methods for women C. d'Arcangues
Male contraception: recent developments G.M.H. Waites
Contraceptive vaccines P.D. Griffin
Induced abortion P.F.A. Van Look and H. von Hertzen
Family planning in Africa South of the Sahara R.J.I. Leke
Evaluation of infertility A. Campana, A. de Agostini, P. Bischof, E. Tawfik and A. Mastrorilli
Diagnostic methods in female infertility J. Meylan
Induction of ovulation P.G. Bianchi
Monitoring in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles E. Tawfik, A. Mastrorilli and A. Campana
Management of tubal infertility G. de Candolle and J. Bouquet de Jolinière
The male urogenital tract P. Graber
Endocrine pathology: influences on male fertility R. Martin-du Pan
Male infertility: aspects of surgical treatment G.A. de Boccard
Human in vitro fertilization (IVF) technology D. Sakkas and A.O. Trounson
Psychosomatic and sexual disorders in infertile couples C. Czyba
Infertility in Africa South of the Sahara R.J.I. Leke
Genetic counseling C.D. DeLozier-Blanchet
Chromosome pathology S. Dahoun-Hadorn and C. Williamson
Prenatal diagnosis of monogenic disorders by DNA analysis: what, why, who, and how? M.A. Morris
Pathology of molar pregnancy P. Vassilakos
Phospholipid-binding antibodies and recurrent pregnancy loss P. de Moerloose
Monitoring or auscultation? F. Béguin

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