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GFMER Members - Course participants

Dalitso Lewis Zeka Phiri

Dalitso Lewis Zeka Phiri

Dr Dalitso Lewis Zeka Phiri
General practitioner, Malawi
Master in Emergency and Essential Care (EEC) at District Hospitals in Developing Countries - University Centre for International Cooperation of the University of Parma
Participant to the Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research - Geneva 2009
University of Parma/GFMER/WHO scholarship

I am a general practitioner in my country, Malawi. I graduated in 2003 and currently doing a master’s programme in Emergency and Essential Care (EEC) at District Hospitals in Developing Countries, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italy), in collaboration with the University of Parma, WHO, GFMER, Ministry of Health (Malawi) and St Joseph Hospital (Malawi).


I am interested in emergency surgery and essential care.


  1. Introduction of Essential care and Emergency medicine. This will be done in collaboration with WHO, GFMER, University of Parma and Ministry of Health of Malawi. The aim is to in cooperate/adopt the WHO guidelines on essential care and surgery to the existing methods of teaching to all medical schools in the country.
  2. Comparative study of medical evacuation to Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) of product of conception This will be a clinical trial where medical evacuation with a prostaglandin will be compared to the use of MVA in incomplete abortions. The available evidence suggest that this is a cheaper method to surgical one and my aim is to gain more evidence so as to give recommendations for my country to adopt this method.
  3. Prevalence of obstetric fistula in primigravidas delivering at the tradition birth attendants compared to those delivering at the modern health facility. This will be a survey to gather evidence to give strength to the arguments used to encourage high risk mothers to go to the modern health facilities which in turn will help us in reducing the maternal mortality rate in my country.


Opening ceremony 2009 Dalitso Lewis Zeka Phiri Dalitso Lewis Zeka Phiri