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David Woods

Chairperson and Editor-in-Chief of Bettercare

David Woods

Prof David Woods (MBChB, MD, FRCP, DCH)
Chairperson and Editor-in-Chief of Bettercare, Cape Town, South Africa

Professor David Woods is currently the Chairperson and Editor-in-Chief of Bettercare (http://bettercare.co.za/). Bettercare is a non-profit and public benefit organisation in South Africa that specifically focuses on self-managed distance learning courses. Prof Woods is also passionate about developing appropriate power-independent medical devices to supplement these self-help courses in primary and secondary level health care.

He is a founding trustee and director of the Perinatal Education Trust and the respected Editor-in-Chief of the PEP manual series. He is the Chairman of Eduhealthcare. Prof Woods has consulted to UNICEF and the WHO. He is a past-President of the International Association for Maternal and Neonatal Health.

He was the head of Neonatal Medicine at the University of Cape Town, and is now Emeritus Associate Professor. For 35 years he worked as a consultant neonatologist at Groote Schuur Hospital where he had a particular interest in fetal medicine and nursing education. He is actively engaged in the training of nurses and doctors working with mothers and infants in rural hospitals and clinics.

In addition to this, Prof Wood is a prolific writer and has collectively authored over 100 journal articles, chapters and books in his career. His work is high respected and widely accessible across the medical profession.