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Getachew Mullu Kassa

Debre Markos University, Ethiopia

Getachew Mullu Kassa

Getachew Mullu Kassa, Bsc, Msc
Lecturer, Debre Markos University, Ethiopia

I am a 26 years old male, from Ethiopia. I was graduated from Arba Minch University with Bachelor of Science in clinical Nursing, in May, 2010 and graduated from Addis Ababa University with Masters of Reproductive and Maternal Health Nursing in May, 2013. I have more than three years work experience as instructor of Debre Markos University, Medicine and Health Science College, Nursing and Midwifery Department. I am a member of Ethiopian Nursing Association (ENA), Ethiopia Midwifery Association (EMA), and Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA).